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  • Idaho Pasture Pig Sow
    Idaho Pasture Pig Sow
    200.00 $
    Pigs Shelley (Idaho) 2023/03/21
    Hey there! We have this wonderful Idaho Pasture Pig Sow that we purchased to add to our breeding stock. Although we're not entirely sure about her breed, we suspect there may be some Kune or Red Waddle mixed in. She's a great pig with a mellow person...
  • Duroc x Yorkshire cross pigs
    Duroc x Yorkshire cross pigs
    85.00 $
    Pigs Clarkesville (Georgia) 2023/03/22
    I am offering weaned pigs of Duroc x Yorkshire crossbreed for sale, which are in excellent health and condition. These pigs are currently 5 weeks old and have already started feeding. As a consistent supplier, I will have new batches of pigs availabl...
  • 11 mini-cross piglets
    11 mini-cross piglets
    40.00 $
    Pigs Springfield (Missouri) 2023/03/16
    I am offering for sale a group of 11 mini-cross piglets that are anticipated to weigh approximately 150lbs upon reaching maturity. These particular swine represent a superb choice for novice pig farmers. My initial endeavor into breeding entailed thr...
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