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  • 16-week-old baby fainting goats
    16-week-old baby fainting goats
    200.00 $
    Goats Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2023/03/23
    I am selling 16-week-old baby fainting goats, and I have only two female goats left priced at $200 each. The males are available for $150 and are being fed a diet consisting of corn, hay, and grass. You can reach me via phone call, and I do not accep...
  • Half Kiko and Half Boar goat
    Half Kiko and Half Boar goat
    300.00 $
    Goats New Ringgold (Pennsylvania) 2023/03/20
    This lovely young female goat, also known as a "doeling," is a unique blend of two distinct breeds - Kiko and Boar. With this lineage, she inherits the desirable characteristics of both breeds, including the Kiko's resilience and the Boar's robust ph...
  • 7 months old Boer/Kiko Bucks
    7 months old Boer/Kiko Bucks
    150.00 $
    Goats Dothan (Alabama) 2023/03/18
    Hey there! We have some amazing bucks that we think you'll love. We carefully bred them to combine the great meat quality and size of the Boer with the strong parasite resistance of the Kiko. They're about 7 months old and weigh between 65-90 pounds....
  • 3 years old Mini Nubian Buck goat
    3 years old Mini Nubian Buck goat
    350.00 $
    Goats New Berlin (Wisconsin) 2023/03/16
    A male Mini Nubian goat is available for purchase. He belongs to the sixth generation, is naturally hornless, and has a record of successful breeding. The goat is registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and is currently three year...
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