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  • 16-week-old baby fainting goats
    16-week-old baby fainting goats
    200.00 $
    Goats Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2023/03/23
    I am selling 16-week-old baby fainting goats, and I have only two female goats left priced at $200 each. The males are available for $150 and are being fed a diet consisting of corn, hay, and grass. You can reach me via phone call, and I do not accep...
  • Good bloodline Hereford heifers
    Good bloodline Hereford heifers
    800.00 $
    Cattle Charlestown (Indiana) 2023/03/23
    There are Hereford heifers available for purchase in Charlestown, IN. The heifers fall into two categories: open and bred. The open heifers range in age from 7 months to 11 months. The bred heifers are due to give birth in late spring. All the heifer...
  • Duroc x Yorkshire cross pigs
    Duroc x Yorkshire cross pigs
    85.00 $
    Pigs Clarkesville (Georgia) 2023/03/22
    I am offering weaned pigs of Duroc x Yorkshire crossbreed for sale, which are in excellent health and condition. These pigs are currently 5 weeks old and have already started feeding. As a consistent supplier, I will have new batches of pigs availabl...
  • Katahdin Dorper Cross ewe lambs
    Katahdin Dorper Cross ewe lambs
    150.00 $
    Sheep Alexandria (Tennessee) 2023/03/22
    Greetings, I am offering a group of 15 ewe lambs that are a cross between the Katahdin and Dorper breeds. These lambs have been raised on my farm and are currently 3 months old. They have received regular worming and have been vaccinated. I am willin...
  • 2022 Horse Quality Straight Alfalfa Horse Hay
    2022 Horse Quality Straight Alfalfa Horse Hay
    200.00 $
    Hay and Straw Bozeman (Montana) 2023/03/21
    2022 high-quality straight alfalfa available for purchase. The hay will be packaged in 1300-pound bales that are wrapped in silage wrap to ensure dryness. The hay will be of top-notch quality and will be properly put up. The cost of each bale will be...
  • Idaho Pasture Pig Sow
    Idaho Pasture Pig Sow
    200.00 $
    Pigs Shelley (Idaho) 2023/03/21
    Hey there! We have this wonderful Idaho Pasture Pig Sow that we purchased to add to our breeding stock. Although we're not entirely sure about her breed, we suspect there may be some Kune or Red Waddle mixed in. She's a great pig with a mellow person...
  • Half Kiko and Half Boar goat
    Half Kiko and Half Boar goat
    300.00 $
    Goats New Ringgold (Pennsylvania) 2023/03/20
    This lovely young female goat, also known as a "doeling," is a unique blend of two distinct breeds - Kiko and Boar. With this lineage, she inherits the desirable characteristics of both breeds, including the Kiko's resilience and the Boar's robust ph...
  • 15 hands high Palomino Paint gelding
    15 hands high Palomino Paint gelding
    3500.00 $
    Horses Phoenix (Arizona) 2023/03/20
    Hey there! We've got a lovely Paint gelding up for sale, who unfortunately doesn't have any papers. He's a gentle soul, standing at around 15 hands high and believed to be between 15-16 years old. He's a hard worker who loves to please and is fantast...
  • Covered Two-String Hay Bales
    Covered Two-String Hay Bales
    12.00 $
    Hay and Straw New Plymouth (Idaho) 2023/03/18
    Hello there! We have some small and easy-to-handle hay bales with two strings. All of our crop bales weigh between 70 to 80 pounds, and there are approximately 26 bales to a ton. Our 4th crop hay is priced at $12.50 per bale, but if you buy 50 bales ...
  • 7 months old Boer/Kiko Bucks
    7 months old Boer/Kiko Bucks
    150.00 $
    Goats Dothan (Alabama) 2023/03/18
    Hey there! We have some amazing bucks that we think you'll love. We carefully bred them to combine the great meat quality and size of the Boer with the strong parasite resistance of the Kiko. They're about 7 months old and weigh between 65-90 pounds....
  • High-quality mountain grass hay in 3x3 bales
    High-quality mountain grass hay in 3x3 bales
    145.00 $
    Hay and Straw Elizabeth (Colorado) 2023/03/18
    High-quality mountain grass hay in 3x3 bales is available for purchase. The hay has been stored in a barn and is neatly stacked on pallets. It is soft, green, and of excellent quality. Each bale is priced at $145, and delivery services are also offer...
  • 3 Painted Desert sheep
    3 Painted Desert sheep
    120.00 $
    Sheep Flint (Michigan) 2023/03/17
    Hey there! I've got three Painted Desert sheep up for grabs - two were born in early fall 2022. There's a ewe for $135 and a ram for $120. I'm also selling their mother for $150. Gotta be honest, I'm getting rid of the ewe (mom) because she wasn't th...